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belzona 1000 series

Belzona 1818

Belzona 1818 is a fast curing, surface tolerant, abrasion resistant system

Belzona 1818 is a fast curing, surface tolerant, abrasion resistant system ideal for patch repairs on surfaces subject to high erosion and abrasive environments.  

Its fast curing properties results in minimal downtime for damaged equipment, and the product can experience full mechanical loading in as little as two hours after application.  

This material has built in surface tolerant technology, enabling it to bond tenaciously onto steel substrates even when surface preparation is minimal or if the substrate is heavily contaminated with oil or water. The product can even be applied and cured underwater.  

Supplied as a two-part system, Belzona 1818 is easy to mix and apply without the need for specialist tools and can be applied direct to the substrate with no need for an additional primer.

Key Benefits: 

  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance 
    Belzona 1818 exhibits outstanding abrasion resistance and can withstand erosion up to temperatures of 80°C (176°F). 

  • Surface Tolerant 
    Belzona 1818 can be applied directly onto manually prepared, wet or oil contaminated surfaces and can even be applied underwater. 

  • Fast Curing 
    Belzona 1818 is fast curing ensuring a quick return to service. Depending on ambient temperatures, the product can experience full mechanical loading after two hours. 

  • Easy to Mix and Apply 
    No specialist tools required for mixing or application. 

Key technical data:
Working life at 20°C (68°F) 16 minutes
Time to full cure 20°C (68°F) 8 hours
Abrasion resistance – Taber with 1kg load H10 Wheels (Wet) – 83 mm3 loss per 1000 cycles, CS17 Wheels (Dry) – 4 mm3 loss per 1000 cycles.
Adhesion (Pull Off) on grit blasted mild steel

Clean and dry: 16.3 MPa (2,370 psi)

Transformer oil contaminated: 14.1 MPa (2,040 psi) 

Wet: 15.9 MPa (2,300 psi) 

Underwater: 15.3 MPa (2,220 psi) 

Compressive Strength 

76.2 MPa (11,050 psi) after 24 hour cure at 20°C (68°F)

78.5 MPa (11,380 psi) after 7 day cure at 20°C (68°F)

Heat distortion temperature 

44°C (111°F) after 24 hour cure at 20°C (68°F) cure

51°C (124°F) after 7 day cure at 20°C (68°F) cure

Typical applications   Slurry pumps, grinding mills, screw conveyors, chutes and hoppers, hydrocyclones, wear plates, dust extraction pipe work, agitator shafts, hubs and blades
Unit size 1kg
Availability* Global


Applications for 1818: 

  • Slurry pumps 

  • Grinding mills 

  • Screw conveyors 

  • Chutes and hoppers 

  • Hydrocyclones 

  • Wear plates 

  • Grit pumps 

  • Agitator shafts, hubs and blades 

  • Dust extraction pipe work


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